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At Personal Touch Orthodontic Lab we specialize in handcrafting orthodontic appliances with over 25 years of experience working with doctors all over the United States. Our full-service lab is a recognized leader in developing and fabricating most orthodontic appliances such as Hawley Retainers, Spring Retainers, Active Appliances, Space Maintainers, Habit Appliances, TMJ Splints, and Functionals. Our technicians are constantly seeking new information and techniques to improve doctor experiences and patient results. Have a challenging case? Our team stands ready to consult with you to find the best solution for your patient’s needs. Our goal is to provide a level of customer service unmatched by any other orthodontic lab! With our prices, great fitting appliances, always on-time cases, and incredible customer relations, we promise you’ll forget about other labs you’ve used in the past.

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